Three axles - All Inclusive

The WCU-4 combines three-axis control (Focus-zoom-iris) with a data screen of the lens in a compact and ergonomic housing. It weighs about 780 grams including the battery, making it one of the lightest units in its class, providing unparalleled comfort during a long workday.

ALEXA remote control

An optional software license will allow you to remotely control all the ALEXA Plus cameras, except the ALEXA Plus HD. This includes settings frame, the shutter angle, exposure, false color on the monitor output, and more. Also available extended status information of the camera, allowing you to quickly check camera settings at any time.

Vibration markers

Tactile feedback vibrating lets you keep your eye on the action in the most difficult situations. Operators can concentrate on the scene, knowing that the handheld vibrates to indicate the correct focus point.